Sunday, January 31, 2010


I really don't have jack to talk about today so I'll just ramble a bit.

For a while I kept receiving these Bible verses via text message around 10 P.M. every night. It started right after Christmas. I'd look at the unfamiliar number and wonder, "Who in the hell wants me to read Revelations 3:14-22 right before bedtime? Has my dad bought an entirely new cell phone to send me scripture?"

For those of you who have never personally met my father, trust me, he's possibly weird enough to do it. So I finally asked my dad and he said it wasn't him so I thought maybe God bought a Verizon phone so he wouldn't cost me money. Of course, that's a little freaky and does he also send out messages to Cingular and AT&T on their plans? What? I finally asked around long enough and suddenly Tuba Girl remembered she'd given this number to a youth pastor a while back. So apparently God does not have Verizon.

My taxes should be returning soon and I've pulled out the Excel to figure out how much I can get done with it. Provided everything goes well, I should get all the crap that's falling apart handled around here with a little left over.

And speaking of my taxes, I am deep into planning project three. The one where I plant a garden. It's probably considered premeditated abuse among certain circles, but their is something all crackery and earthy in me that tells me I must plant seeds. So in my research I ran across Square Foot Gardening. This method is supposed to be very nearly idiot proof. Well, we'll see.

This is the cost of my Gardening Project according to Excel:

Square Foot Garden          Price             Amount Total0
1X6X8 cedar planks 13.98 6 83.88
Vermiculite 20 2 40
peat moss 9.87 1 9.87
cow compost 4.77 2 9.54
mushroom compost 4.72 2 9.44
wood lath 7.68 1 7.68
plywood 10 3 30


(Excel is pretty cool. It's also where I keep my grocery list thingy.)

If I can find 1X6's for free, then I plan to use them and that will nearly cut my costs in half. However, if I can't, then I plan to spring for the cedar planks as they will last longer.(Plus, I'm sometimes anal and I want it to look nice.) If it turns out the Square Foot Garden is not idiot proof, then I can rip the cedar boards and use them for something else.

Also, the SFG book states I should use five different brands of compost. Well, I can't find five different brands of compost in this damned town. So my dirt is just going to have to deal with an extra helping or two of the same brand of mushroom rot and cow shit and get over it. I plan to actually have a nice compost bin as soon I bother to clean out the trunk so I can steal some pallets. (I don't actually plan on stealing them, I'm sure someone will give them to me.)

In other news, I've applied for an Adult Education teaching position. It is no more than 29 hours a week and absolutely no benefits. I figured at making at least $12.00 an hour, then I will make approximately $60 more a week. If that happens, then this blog will be nowhere near "about a thousand a month." (But let's be honest, was it ever really? That's just the cash money I had in hand every month. The Medicaid benefits for the children are probably worth an easy $350 a month if I had to carry insurance on them as it includes health, dental, pharmaceutical, and optical care.)

Adult Ed is something I've been interested in and this will give me an opportunity to see if I would enjoy it as a career. At this point, I don't know what my move would be if I'm offered the position. One part of me wants to work both jobs for a while if the hours work themselves out right and the other part of me thinks I should just go. We're a very undereducated county and our employment opportunities have shrunk mightily over the past year. If people are going to survive, they are going to have to move past the old attitude that a job can always be found and work towards making themselves more marketable. In that end, I see the need for Adult Education teachers growing and I like to think it would be a safer position for a while than where I currently find myself sitting.

Maybe I should consult my magic 8 ball.

Also, I understand people have been slammed by a virus when they visit my blog. I'm hoping I have that worked out. If not, please let me know! I feel like the mom whose kid brought lice to school and now I have to call all my friends and tell them they're probably infested now. 

Later, hookers. 


NotAppealing said...

If you're willing to modify your plans a little, used shipping palates may be a good source of inexpensive wood.

Karyn said...

my friend does square foot gardening, and it has worked very well for her (just in case you were looking for some testimony!)

Melanie said...

We do square foot gardening and the first year I couldn't find any vermiculite (and didn't really want to try THAT hard), so I bought big bags of organic pre-mixed soil. It worked great. This year dh is determined to do the proper mix though.

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